Hidden truth about Indian temples - Part 1

Queen of all oil

Why Should we light a lamp with Gingelly oil Indian temples and some hidden truth about the oil lamp. Unknown Indian History Team brings light to Hinduism.

Impossible to built such a Lingam or Shivalingam nowadays, each and everyone should protect such a vigraham/temple in our period of time. Believe me we have so many things undiscovered temples in this planet, this is our responsibility to understand the story of each temples.

Why each Hindu temples is light up with Gingelly oil or Sesame oil?
For more than thousand years Hindus use/practice Sesame oil for Ayurvedic, food also to light (lamp), this is because of various reasons, the recent also indicates that the rich presence of antioxidants and polyunsaturated fats in this. Hence this will contriol ur blood preasure and stress

When you light up with sesame oil entire room will produce Oxygen
  • Sesame oil will gives us energy
  • Pacify stress related symptoms
  • Controls Blood pressure
  • Rich presence of Antioxidants and Polyunsaturated Fats
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There are so many Hidden truth about Indian temples, we can come up with one, if anyone wants to share more information, please let us know.